Framed Canvas

May 7, 2018

We see so many great canvas pieces come through our door.  From original paintings to images printed on canvas, there are dozens of options for how to frame them. Traditionally, a canvas would have a linen liner paired with the frame.  While we still offer the linen liners, in recent years the trend seems to have turned more toward stacking two frames (or three) together.  This can create a customized look with more style variations to make your canvas just perfect.  Floater frames are also a popular look for canvas pieces…these frames give the illusion that the canvas is floating within the frame. If an unframed canvas is what you are after, we have it covered. We can stretch your piece with gallery wrapped edges so none of the staples show and it is ready to hang with a minimal look.  We are here to help you decide which look is right for you!

canvas example