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Back to school means time to organize!

Now that the kids are headed back to school, you will soon be faced with a brand new school year full of all the “treasures” that come home in their back packs. You know what we are talking about…the adorable self portrait from you first grader, the amazing poem that your middle schooler wrote or the stack of academic awards that your freshman earned. Or what about all of the incredible senior pictures you just got back? What do you do with them now?!

Bring your entire pile of treasures to The Framing Center and we can help you organize it all. We have framed countless pieces of kids art to create beautiful galleries of their masterpieces. Let us come up with a timeless design for your senior portraits so they always remain in style. We can help you if your kiddo is headed to kindergarten or college! And don’t forget to mention our coupon to save 25% off your entire custom framing order.

Senior Photo

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