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Properly preserving old photos

We all have them. A box full that collects dust or a stack of them that get hidden away in a drawer. Old family photos…what do you do with them? You frame them! And there are a couple great reasons why you should frame them.

The first reason is simply because they are way too special to be tucked away and not seen. There are so many great frame and mat options to be able to embrace the vintage feel of an old photo. Not only will they become a wonderful, sentimental piece to hang on your wall, but a beautiful piece of art. It is a great gift idea if you are looking for something truly unique to surprise someone special.

Another great reason to frame those treasured pics is to preserve them. The Framing Center offers the best quality conservation materials to make sure your old, delicate photo is properly preserved. Acid free mat board and backing board are a crucial part of ensuring your photos are protected for years to come. We also carry a variety of glass offering amazing clarity and UV filtering to prevent fading.

Framed Photo

Bring us those beloved family treasures so we can design something that will become an heirloom to last a lifetime!

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