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Shop local! Framing Center vs. craft stores

Welcome to our very first blog! We wanted to just take a moment and address a couple common misconceptions about custom framing that we frequently hear. Buying a frame seems to be a daunting task for many people so why don’t we start with where you should go to get something framed.

Maybe we should begin with where you should NOT go to get something framed. We’ve all been there…the local craft store. It’s a huge place filled with everything from candles and fake flowers to art supplies and pillows. While you are buying your novelty cupcake wrappers there, you notice they have a custom framing section. The obvious conclusion you come to is that this must be the place where you should take your pieces to be framed, especially after you see the giant red 50% off custom framing sign. Well, all of the chain craft stores do offer custom framing but do you really want to leave your wedding photos with the guy who was just stocking the shelves in the soap-making section? Nope. You don’t.

The designers who work at The Framing Center have experience. Years of experience with custom framing and design. We have been expertly trained on how to walk you through the design process, listening to all of your needs and specifications to make your piece the perfect finished product. That is what we love to do! And we are also the ones who actually frame your piece because all of our work is done in-house by our skilled staff.

Here’s the kicker (and part two of the misconceptions about framing)…our prices are typically better than craft store prices, even with their big flashy 50% off signs.

We are locally owned and have three locations in Columbus. We’ve got great relationships with our suppliers and able to pass along a 20% discount to our customers. On every custom order. Every time. You can even save a little bit more by printing the 25% off coupon from our website. (Or for the tech savvy shopper, you can just show us the coupon from your mobile device.)

So there you have it. You can let go of your assumption that the frame shop you’ve passed by a hundred times is out of your price range. We’re not. We are here to help you pick the perfect frame and mat design for your piece and we really listen to what you want, whether that is simple and basic or a specialty shadowbox. Pop in and see for yourself…we are happy to give you a quote.

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